The Website Design Process

Good preparation work is the key to get your website designed and launched in just 3 days. Here’s how the whole process works.

Your new website will be built on WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) and a blog in one – which means that you will have full control over the content on your website, and can also start blogging right away if you are up for it! Don’t worry if you are not familiar with WordPress, it’s super easy to use and you will be fully trained to do so!

The Preparation

1. Briefing

You’ll describe your business, products or services and your target audience to me. I’ll ask some specific questions to make sure I really understand your wishes and expectations. You can also show me some websites you like. We can do the briefing via e-mail, over Skype, on the phone – or face-to-face around Iceland’s capital area.

2. Scheduling

We’ll pick a suitable time slot for the design & build of your new website. We will plan three days for the actual process of building your site, but these do not have to be consecutive.

3. Content

This is the part where you will have to do some work writing the content for your new website and providing me with some images (if you don’t have any, we can find some suitable stock images for you).

The Project

Well prepared is half done! Then comes the exciting part – your new website comes to life!

Day 1: Design Concept

Based on our briefing and example content I’ve received from you, I’ll create a bespoke design concept tailored for your business and customers.

Day 2: Design Revision

We’ll discuss the concept and make any necessary adjustments.

Day 3: Build & Launch

You will have your shiny new website online by the end of the day.

It’s that easy! Contact me to get your website.
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