Look & Feel of a Magento online shop for premium haircare

My biggest achievement at LiBUTÉ was definitely the design of the complete look & feel – from wireframes and mockups to the actual implementation. The redesign definitely positively impacted the site’s much higher-than-average conversion rate.

I was responsible for the whole frontend development at LiBUTÉ with the aim of continuos improvement of the shop’s overall performance and the customer experience. Futhermore, I coordinated the development sprints and IT project management.

I worked for LiBUTÉ from September 2014 until December 2018; first as an in-house developer and later as a freelancer. The website, and the brand LiBUTÉ, have since then unfortunately been taken down due to ownership change, but I will always look back fondly at my time at LiBUTÉ.

LiBUTÉ Magento Online Shop