The prices listed below for the different mediums, styles and sizes are for a single subject pet portrait with a blank or simple background (abstract with max. two colours), exclusive of shipping costs. Please add +25% to the portrait price for each additional subject and +20-30% for a detailed background, depending on the complexity and level of detail. Prices are subject to change.

A non-refundable 25% deposit of the portrait price is required upon booking. The remaining balance will be due once the portrait is finished and you’re 100% happy with it, prior to shipment. I accept PayPal (incl. credit card) and SEPA bank transfers. I am happy to create a payment plan if you wish to pay your portrait in rates.

These are the size guidelines for multiple subject portraits. More subjects, human portraits and larger and/or custom sizes are available upon request – ask for an individual quote!

SizeMax. number of subjects
8.5 x 12″ / 21 x 30cm (A4)2
12 x 15.5″ / 30 x 40cm (A3)3

Pastel, realistic

Photorealism with a soft, powdery look. I use special pastel boards and rely mainly on my pastel pencils to create a high level of detail. I draw the portraits on white or coloured boards depending on the subject and your wishes. A coloured board can compliment and enhance the fur of your pet beautifully.

Size (in/cm)USDEURGBP
7×9.4″ / 18x24cm$9581€£74
8.5×12″ / 22x30cm (A4)$125107€£98
11.8×15.7″ / 30x40cm (A3)$185159€£146
Realistic pastel portrait drawn on anthracite board (A4)

Pastel sketch

Sketchy pastel portrait, drawn on anthracite board (A4)

If you’re a fan of a more artistic, sketchier look with bold strokes, this one is for you! I draw my pastel sketches using mainly soft pastel sticks on white or coloured velour sheets or pastel boards, depending on the subject and your preference.

Size (in/cm)USDEURGBP
9.4×12.6″ / 24x32cm (A4)$5547€£43
11.8×15.7″ / 30x40cm (A3)$8370€£64

Coloured pencil sketch

I draw the coloured pencil sketches on white or toned and textured paper with slightly less details, but still maintaining likeness with the subject.

Size (in/cm) USDEURGBP
5.5×8.5″ / 14x22cm (A5)$5547€£43
9×12″ / 23×30.5cm (A4)$8370€£64
Coloured pencil sketch drawn on toned grey paper (A5)

Coloured pencil, realistic

Realistic coloured pencil mini portrait

My most photorealistic portrait option. To achieve the most life-like results, I spend 20-50h on each realistic coloured pencil portrait that I draw.

Size (in/cm) USDEURGBP
5×7″ / 13x18cm (mini)$9581€£74
5.5×8.5″ / 14x22cm (A5)$125107€£98
9×12″ / 23×30.5cm (A4)$185159€£146
12×15.5″ / 30x40cm (A3) $278239€£219


If you like that soft and dreamy look, a watercolour portrait is the right option for you!

Size (in/cm)USDEURGBP
5.5 x 8.5″ / 14 x 22cm (A5)$3531€£28
8.5 x 12″ / 21 x 30cm (A4)$5547€£43
Watercolour portrait A5 (painted on A4 sheet)

Graphite pencil, realistic

Graphite pencil portrait, A5 (drawn on A4 sheet)

Graphite pencils create equally life-like and highly detailed results as coloured pencils, but in black & white.

Size (in/cm) USDEURGBP
5.5 x 8.5″ / 14 x 22cm (A5)$8573€£67
9 x 12″ / 23 x 30.5cm (A4)$128110€£101


The current rate of the Icelandic postal services at the time of booking for an insured, registered shipment will be added to the total cost. The final shipping cost depends on the size, type and number of drawings (value/weight) and starts at 9€ for Europe and $12.5 (USD) for rest of world. All shipments are insured for the full portrait price.